Flirty Girl Fitness - This is a story I will never forget.

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I am already in decent shape, I had bought Booty beat and G.I Jane just to warm up before more intense work outs, hoping to get a little brisk work out. NOT the case. The instructor basically does the same move repeatedly for ten minutes barely speeding up and then boom, it's over. I did not even bother to put in G.I Jane due to the disappointment of the first one.

Upon my purchase of their "excellent deal, 2 for 9.99!" I had gotten a call from a company allying themselves with Flirty girl Fitness, claiming they would send me a $100 gas card and a booklet of coupons for "customer appreciation", and asked for my card number again. They told me if I did not cancel my membership with their company 30 days upon receiving their gas card, I would be charged an additional 25 dollars to keep receiving their products. I never got the gas card in the mall nor the coupon booklet.

The next month, I had been charged $26.99, automatically, like any sensible human I called my bank and made a claim against them for not sending my gas card. Come to find out it was Flirt Girl who had charged me, not their allied company. If you do not return the dvds you purchased from them within 30 days, you automatically enroll in a membership where they will keep charging you until you're ready to explode. So, my bank advised me to call their customer support and see if they would refund my money and apologize for the mix up. On their website there is no negative reviews, and their membership is listed in the finest of the print. The customer service rep gave me $10 back for the trouble and had told me he cancelled my membership, only to be charged 9.99 again the next month by them.

I have two disputes against the company pending and I will end up getting a new card sent to me regardless so this company will leave me alone. Had the Dvd's actually been somewhat of a help, I would not be so perturbed nor belligerent about my now 50+ dollars not being in my account any longer. Not worth your time, not worth your anger.

NOT TO MENTION, none of their customer service representatives speak English as a first language... And personally...Broken English is very hard to stay calm with when you are trying to get some valuable answers.

Eff this company. Do not bother.

Flirty Girl Fitness - Flirty Girl Just Won't Quit

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I made the mistake of ordering this off of their website, thinking I could read all of the fine print...WRONG! I got stuck with 4 months of nonstop shipments & charges until my card expired and they couldn't charge me for their C grade fitness videos. They truly trick you into multi-shipments after the first page gives you the "option" of not receiving more than 1 shipment...WRONG! There really ISN'T an option of 1 order shipments which is easy to overlook on the final page.

It is a shame they have such poor business tactics...this company could have made a lot of $ if they'd been upfront and honest.

Video quality really is like watching a lovechild version of Spike TV and PBS workout show. LOL

Review about: Nonstop Charges.

Flirty Girl Fitness - They tried to get my $ but I got them!!!

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i had ordered from flirty girls the exercise *** pole.I had been drinking when i made the call, well the next morning when i woke up i realized that i had spent about $300.00+ when it as all said and done.

So i called them back less then 8 hrs later to cancel the order. well they told me i had to wait 48hrs to cancel because it had not gone thru yet, well i waited only 36hrs and called back well don't you know they already shipped out my pole!!! well when i told them i was calling to cancel they said i just has to send back the unopened product and they would send me back my money less $54.00-96.00 for s&h i went crazy i told them i had been told to wait 48hrs and called back 36hrs later instead they were not trying to give my $ back for anything well i got them i went to my bank and changed my credit card # and filed a complaint it took a bout 3mths or so but i got back every penny i will never order form a infomercial again.

No matter how good a product "looks" if i can't buy it @ the store i don't want it!!!!I REALLY HOPE THIS HELPS SOME OF YOU...


Los Angeles, California, United States #753576

why don't you just use my pole you little drunken ***!!!


That's extremely moronic.It was your fault that you ordered it in the first place.

Who places a $300+ order if they don't even want the product?Your stupidity is not the fault of that company.

Jeffersonville, Vermont, United States #225212

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Jeffersonville, Vermont, United States #225210

being drunk really didn't have anything too do with the bull *** only that i fell into your trap!!!!make it my fault if you want too that only proves my point all day say what you mean not what i wanna hear!!!!

ooppps i guess i caught a nerve i can drink all day cuz thats who yo target and i got my $ back i think you might be scared @ this point...



That sure did help. Helps me realize what people do when they get drunk.

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Flirty Girl Fitness - Flirtygirl fitness dvds

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Watch out for this classless bunch of tricksters.It is a throwback to the old BMG music scam.You order there product and in tiny letters on the last page it says additional products will be shipped every 30 days.No way to stop it right there if you happen to catch it.However on the first page you can check the box that says no additional products and they will not honor it stating that on the last page its in writing.So checking the box on the front page is a lie to get you to commit.They also send the product way before the 30 days so you have less chance to cancel.I guess what do I expect from a bunch of strippers?They will give you your money back on the 2nd order you didnt actually order or want in the first place but you have to pay shipping both ways and it comes to around $20 anyway so there hoping you keep the second shipment to save the shipping before you cut them off.You might as well just give them your credit card to pay for there crab medication if you plan on buying this junk.

Review about: Flirtygirl Fitness Dvds.



I had the same thing happen to me.I read through the first page & checked the status of only wanting the first shipment.

Tried to cancel repeatedly.

Luckily, my card expired after 2 months, so they couldn't keep charging me!It made me hate the videos, unfortunately.


Your mom is a bottom's off ***. :eek


Strippers are hotter than you!!!!!!!!!!!!! :p

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